• Daily product price tracking updates
  • Historical data analytics and reports
  • Provides visibility of driving factors within the online market
  • Pricing tool to aid brands in making more informed decisions
  • Gain an understanding if your strategy is working


Correlate allows consumer electronic brands with a market data backed pricing tool helping them to review the pricing of competitor products and their own, helping to provide better understanding of price changes and the factors affecting online performance.

Through Correlate you gain access to all the historical price tracking data stored, allowing you to conduct analysis of online market trends from a market data led historical perspective and aid the development of your business strategies and long term decision making.




  • Provides stock monitoring of products across retail platforms
  • Set alerts to allow for rapid, corrective actions
  • Stock monitoring to understand where products should be placed moving forwards


The Stock Monitoring feature can keep track of the availability of your products across the whole of the consumer electronic online market. This combined with our alerting software means you can make reactive decisions to greatly improve your online performance.

This market data is vital when it comes to planning future strategy, and allows you to better understand where your products are selling best.

Boost your online performance though the creation of better sales plans and fostering more effective relationships with the right retail platforms.



  • Better understand how contested any online market is
  • Provides market data of your online presence vs competitor brands
  • Shares are stored historically so you can track online performance over time


Gain a better understanding of the shape of the online market with the Share of Shelf feature.

The Share of Shelf feature aggregates all the products on an online shelf – a category page – then displays these values so that you can conduct analytics on your and your competitor brands, and track this online performance over time.



  • Measure and track how accessible your products are to the consumer
  • Target marketing to boost the online performance of specific products
  • Software to aid in the more strategic deployment of products
  • Better understand which retail platforms are important to build relationships with


Correlate can help consumer electronic brands better understand their product’s positioning within the online market through Category Rank.

Category Rank provides rich market data giving brands visibility of how far consumers have to go to find their products. This information can be used to aid you in the creation of marketing strategy making sure you are targeting the right areas to improve your online performance.



  • Better track and monitor public opinion of your products
  • Provides visibility of the driving factors within the online market
  • Compare online performance across the retail market
  • Data to aid the planning of more effective marketing strategy


Customer Ratings provides visibility of the online performance of products through analysis of the product reviews across multiple retailers regardless of the review and rating source.

Evaluate reviews across retailers and competitors to better understand market driving factors across the online market.



  • Gain daily awareness and visibility of issues
  • Stay informed without constant vigilance of the online market
  • Track the online performance of your products wherever you are
  • Rich market data to help you make reactive corrections to ensure the success of your plans


The powerful daily alerting software within Correlate means that you can kept informed of the factors within the retail market which are effecting your online performance.

This system provides visibility so you can rapidly make reactive actions to ensure your online performance is as good as it can be.



  • Unique, customizable dashboards on a user by user basis
  • Provides visibility of the online market at a glance
  • Highlight our rich market data to monitor and compare competitor products
  • Seven different widget types to choose from


The customizable dashboards within Correlate mean that you can create any number of personalized widgets to conduct price tracking, stock monitoring and understand the online market for competitor brands and your own products.

Whether you are interested in specifics; like price tracking or stock monitoring of your flagship models, or want to be kept informed of the latest products arriving into a market our software has widgets which mean you don’t have to have your head in the market data to better understand your online market.



  • Export market data directly from the system
  • Pre-formatted excel reports
  • Rapid creation of regular analytics reports
  • Provides visibility of the online market and deep insight


Our software allows brands to export the rich market data and conduct analytics across the whole online market, building custom reports right down to granular level.

These reports can be saved and stored, so running regular analytics reports on the consumer electronic retail market has never been easier.